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Linda’s Story. “How I found my grandfather’s passage ticket from Sweden to America”

Ancestry Discoveries: I discovered 2 cousin connections in Sweden, one through Ancestry and another through MyHeritage, and they did not know each other!  Both generously researched and shared priceless documents that I had been unable to find, including: Passage tickets, documents of birth, baptism, and immigration back to 1740. Magnus’ Story: Getting to know someone: Some of these documents were keys to discovering when and how my Grandfather arrived in America, further connecting me to photos I have of my Grandpa, Magnus Andersson. 

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Travel, Its in our DNA.

Heritage Travel Comes to Life:  Walking in the footsteps of a Great Grandmother, her travel journal in my backpack. Photos:  Day one, just off the plane, walking along a bustling streetscape in Roma following the footsteps of her great grandmother.   As we enter winter and more time at home, I have been looking back on summers past when travel was an adventure. 2018, as school break began, my husband, my girls and I set off on our first adventure to Italy - Rome.  I was lucky enough to trace the footsteps of my grandmother and to have my family with me.  I had copied some pages from my Grandmothers travel journal from 1967.  As we walked through her journal to the...

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Preservation and How We Find Things

I wanted to share on finding that box of lost treasure that we all have come across or we have finally decided to go up into attic or the way, way back of a closet to see what’s there.  Whether you’ve made that commitment to begin your search on a weekend afternoon or you come across it by chance and curiosity takes over...  At the minimum, be sure to grab your phone to easily document your findings along the way.  As you unpack and handle the items, make sure you have washed your hands and have a clean surface to place them on. I found this tin box within a larger unmarked cardboard box. The photo shows the bottom layer...

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Celebrating the Women Who Came Before Us.

As I was planning what story to write about in our first blog post for the new site, I kept thinking of my Mom - as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I wanted to share an excerpt from a speech that she had written for a Breast Cancer Luncheon.   “I am a survivor of breast cancer…twice…1991 and 2009. …..  I am full of Hope, I am blessed with Fight, I am surrounded by Love, I am thoughtful in Prayer, I am built with Fortitude, I stand with Strength as a leader and an example for others.  I am worthy of Life; for I do have a very important mission – a Mission to Share.” I guess It goes without...

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